Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 5, Issue 3, 2008 July/December

5(3), 2008 July/December


New assisted reproductive technologies applied to the horse industry: successes and limitations F.C. Landim-Alvarenga, C.B. Fernandes, L.G. Devito, A.A.P. Derussi, I.D.P. Blanco, M.A. Alvarenga

Original Article

Reproductive and toxicological effects of isoflavones on female offspring of rats exposed during pregnancy V. Romero, C. Dela Cruz, O.C.M. Pereira
Effect of manganese on bovine sperm motility, viability, and lipid peroxidation in vitro A.K. Bansal, G.S. Bilaspuri
Negative effect of vitrification of whole rat ovarian tissue and its subsequent autotransplantation into omentum M. Sheikhveisy, H. Babaei, A. Derakhshanfar, M.M. Oloumi, A. Kheradmand
Effect on post-thaw viability of equine sperm using stepwise addition of dimethyl formamide and varying cooling and freezing procedures J. Perez-Osorio, F.G.C Mello, G.C. Juliani, M.A. Lagares, L.A. Lago, M. Henry
The effect of sperm selection by Percoll or swim-up on the sex ratio of in vitro produced bovine embryos C.A. Wolf, K.E. Brass, M.I.B. Rubin, S.E. Pozzobon, F.D. Mozzaquatro, F.D. De La Corte
In vitro survival of in vitro-produced bovine embryos cryopreserved by slow freezing, fast freezing and vitrification M.E.O.A. Assumpção, M.P. Milazzotto, R. Simões, A.C. Nicacio, C.M. Mendes, M.R.B. Mello, J.A. Visintin
Prolongation of stallion sperm survival by centrifugation through coated silica colloids: a preliminary study J.M. Morrell, A-M Dalin, H. Rodriguez-Martinez
Effect of exogenous glutathione supplementation on motility, viability, and DNA integrity of frozen-thawed boar semen B.D. Whitaker, B. Carle, T. Mukai, A. Simpson, L. Vu, J.W. Knight


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