Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 14, Issue Supplement 1, 2017

14(Supplement 1), 2017

Trophoblast of domestic and companion animals: basic and applied clinical perspectives Augustine Thomas Peter, Mohd Amin Beg, Ejaz Ahmad, Don Rick Bergfelt
Peculiarities of the buffalo species for andrological evaluation – results of four years of study and weekly semen collection schedule Marc Henry, Mayara Ferreira Brito, Beatriz Parzewski Neves, Patrícia Alencar Auler, Jaci Almeida, Guilherme Oliveira Andrade, Verónica Becerra Becerra, Luisa Bergmann
The epididymis and its role on sperm quality and male fertility Ana Paula Binato de Souza, Ângela Maria Schorr-Lenz, Franciele Lucca, Ivan Cunha Bustamante-Filho

Original Article
An analysis of the Brazilian researchers on freshwater fish genetics and reproduction as coauthors in academic papers Carlos Eduardo M. Viegas da Silva, Elisabete Maria Macedo Viegas
Head morphometry and chromatin instability in normal boar spermatozoa and in spermatozoa with cytoplasmic droplets Thais Schwarz Gaggini, Lays Oliveira Rocha, Elisson Terêncio Souza, Fernanda Marcondes de Rezende, Robson Carlos Antunes, Marcelo Emílio Beletti
Maternal plasma levels of vascular endothelial growth factor and interleukin-6 in the term-pregnant and non-pregnant rats Mohammed Alotaibi
Effects of body condition score and daily milk yield on reproduction traits of Czech Fleckvieh cows Ludek Stadnik, Savas Atasever, Jaromir Ducháček
Toll-like receptor 2 and 4 expression in the bovine corpus luteum during the different stages of the estrous cycle Mehmet Osman Atli, Mehmet Köse, Mehmet Salih Kaya, Nurettin Aydilek, Aydin Güzeloğlu, Milo C. Wiltbank
Transrectal ultrasonographic measurements of the combined thickness of the uterus and placenta in Spanish Purebred mares Fernando D. Requena, Estrella I. Agüera, Francisco Requena, Carlos C. Pérez-Marín
Identification of neomales in South American catfish Rhamdia quelen on the basis of the sex ratio in the progeny Luciano Augusto Weiss, Jurandir Joaquim Bernardes Júnior, Alex Pires de Oliveira Nuñer
Reproductive performance of sows selected for divergent social genetic effects for growth Joon Ki Hong, Yong Min Kim, Kyu Ho Cho, Jun Chul Park, Deuk Hwan Lee
Blocking the PI3K pathway or the presence of high concentrations of EGF inhibits the spontaneous activation of ovine primordial follicles in vitro Luciana da Paz dos Santos, Jamile Maiara da Silva Santos, Vanúzia Gonçalves Menezes, Ricássio de Sousa Barberino, Bruna Bortoloni Gouveia, Agnes Yasmin Pitombeira Cavalcante, Thae Lanne Barbosa Gama Lins, Rodrigo José de Sousa Gonçalves, Juliana Jales de Hollanda Celestino, Maria Helena Tavares de Matos
Cell proliferation in ovarian follicles from Bos taurus indicus females with different antral follicle count Fernanda Zandonadi Machado, Larissa Zamparone Bergamo, Camila Bizarro-Silva, Fábio Morotti, Katia Cristina Silva-Santos, Marcelo Marcondes Seneda


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