Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 5, Issue 1, 2008 January/June

5(1), 2008 January/June


Growth factors and steroidogenesis in the bovine placenta L.M.M.C. Sousa, D.B. Campos, J. Buratini Jr, M. Binelli, P.C. Papa
Biomanipulation of bovine spermatogonial stem cells P.M. Aponte, D.G. de Rooij

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Reproductive characteristics of Awassi ewes mated artificially or naturally to Jordanian or Syrian Awassi rams M.J. Tabbaa, M.A. Alnimer, M. Shboul, H.H. Titi
Factors affecting the reproductive performance of fat-tailed ewes inseminated with laparoscopy in the late breeding season E. Emsen, C.A. Gimenez Diaz, M. Yaprak, F. Koycegiz, M. Kutluca, F.A. Aslan
Is the early reduction of fetal calf serum concentration in bovine in vitro embryo culture beneficial? L.M.T. Tavares, W.B. Feitosa, M.R.B. Mello, A.C. Nicácio, A.S. Lima, M.E.O.A. Assumpção, J.A. Visintin
Experimental Trypanosoma brucei infection in rats (Rattus norvegicus): effects on different stages of gestation and the neonatal period I.S. Ochiogu, C.N. Uchendu, J.I. Ihedioha, S.V.O. Shoyinka
Effects of egg position in artificial incubation of Japanese quail eggs (Coturnix japonica) T.G.V. Moraes, J.M. Romao, R.S.C. Teixeira, W.M. Cardoso
Effects of ovarian morphology on oocyte quantity and quality, granulosa cells, in vitro maturation, and steroid hormone production in buffaloes H.A. Amer, A.O. Hegab, S.M. Zaabal


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