Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 10, Issue 3, 2013 July/September

10(3), 2013 July/September


From de SBTE President Pietro S. Baruselli
From the Scientific Committee Chair Mario Binelli

Conference Paper

Synchronization techniques to increase the utilization of artificial insemination in beef and dairy cattle G.A. Bó, P.S. Baruselli, R.J. Mapletoft
Approaches to increase reproductive efficiency in artificially inseminated dairy cows F. López-Gatius
Semen evaluation techniques and their relationship with fertility H. Rodríguez-Martínez
Improving postcryopreservation survival capacity: an embryo-focused approach M.J. Sudano, D.M. Paschoal, R.R.D. Maziero, T.S. Rascado, M.D. Guastali, L.F. Crocomo, L.C.O. Magalhães, B.A. Monteiro, A. Martins Jr, R. Machado, F.D.C. Landim-Alvarenga
History and perspectives on bovine embryo transfer R.J. Mapletoft.
Innovative strategies for superovulation in cattle R.J. Mapletoft, G.A. Bó
Ovarian follicle reserve: emerging concepts and applications K.C. Silva-Santos, L.S.R. Marinho, G.M.G. Santos, F.Z. Machado, S.M. Gonzalez, L.A. Lisboa, M.M. Seneda
Equine preantral follicle harvesting, processing, and in vitro culture: the journey has already started K.T. Haag, D.M. Magalhães-Padilha, M.O. Gastal, J.R. Figueiredo, E.L. Gastal
Metabolic hormones and reproductive function in cattle R. Sartori, M.M. Guardieiro, R.S. Surjus, L.F. Melo, A.B. Prata, M. Ishiguro, M.R. Bastos, A.B. Nascimento
Relationships between growth of the preovulatory follicle and gestation success in lactating dairy cows J.L.M. Vasconcelos, M.H.C. Pereira, M. Meneghetti, C.C. Dias, O.G. Sá Filho, R.F.G. Peres, A.D.P. Rodrigues, M.C. Wiltbank
Doppler ultrasonography as a tool for ovarian management J.H.M. Viana, E.K.N. Arashiro, L.G.B. Siqueira, A.M. Ghetti, V.S. Areas, C.R.B. Guimarães, M.P. Palhao, L.S.A. Camargo, C.A.C. Fernandes
Role of diestrus progesterone on endometrial function and conceptus development in cattle P. Lonergan, L. O’Hara, N. Forde
Uterine diseases in dairy cows: understanding the causes and seeking solutions K.N. Galvão
Biological roles of progesterone, prostaglandins, and interferon tau in endometrial function and conceptus elongation in ruminants P. Dorniak, T.E. Spencer
Managing gestation in cattle F. López-Gatius, S. Almeria, B. Serrano-Pérez, I. Garcia-Ispierto
Dietary lipid supplementation on cow reproductive performance and oocyte and embryo viability: a real benefit? J.L.M.R. Leroy, R.G. Sturmey, V. Van Hoeck, J. De Bie, P.J. McKeegan, P.E.J. Bols
Sperm biotechnologies in domestic species: state of the art H. Rodríguez-Martínez
Molecular and endocrine determinants of oocyte competence T. Fair
Sanitary requirements for bovine gametes and embryos in international trade C. Ponsart, N. Pozzi
Genomic selection and assisted reproduction technologies to foster cattle breeding J.F. Garcia, R.V. Alonso, Y.T. Utsunomiya, A.S. Carmo
Strategies to increase in vitro embryo yield: lessons from cell and molecular research F.V. Meirelles, M.R. Chiaratti, R.M. Ferreira, F.D.P. Meirelles, F.F. Bressan
Endocrine conceptus signaling in ruminants T.R. Hansen, J.J. Romero, A.Q. Antoniazzi, R.C. Bott, R.L. Ashley, B.T. Webb, L.E. Henkes, N.P. Smirnova
Cellular and molecular basis of therapies to ameliorate effects of heat stress on embryonic development in cattle P.J. Hansen
Equine assisted reproduction and embryo technologies C. Galli, S. Colleoni, R. Duchi, I. Lagutina, G. Lazzari
Evaluation and classification of bovine embryos G.A. Bó, R.J. Mapletoft

Conference Abstract

Proceedings of the 27th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Embryo Technology Society (SBTE)
Male Reproductive Physiology and Semen Technology (Abstracts A001 to A026)
FTAI, FTET and AI (Abstracts A061 to A123)
OPU-IVP and ET (Abstracts A124 to A183)


Folliculogenesis, Oogenesis and Superovulation (Abstracts A027 to A060)
Embriology, Biology of Development and Physiology of Reproduction (Abstracts A184 to A231)
Cloning, Transgenesis and Stem Cells (Abstracts A232 to A246)


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