Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 13, Issue 3, 2016 July/September

13(3), 2016 July/September


From the SBTE President José Buratini
From the AETE President Dimitrios Rizos
From the Scientific Committee Chair Felipe Perecin Paula de Carvalho Papa José Eduardo Santos

Conference Paper
Global Challenges for the 21st Century: the Role and Strategy of the Agri-Food Sector R. Webb, J. Buratini
Progesterone and conceptus-derived factors important for conceptus survival and growth P. Lonergan, N. Forde, T.E. Spencer
Strategies to avoid drowning in the deep sequencing data flood S. Bauersachs
Role of the oviduct and oviduct-derived products in ruminant embryo development D. Rizos, V. Maillo, P. Lonergan
Endocrine and metabolic differences between Bos taurus and Bos indicus cows and implications for reproductive management R. Sartori, P.L.J. Monteiro Jr., M.C. Wiltbank
Using new analytical tools to produce better embryos in vitro J.R. Herrick, E. Silva, R.L. Krisher
Functional aspects of seminal plasma and sperm proteins and their potential as molecular markers of fertility A.A. Moura, E. Memili
Markers of pregnancy: how early can we detect pregnancies in cattle using pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs) and microRNAs? S.T. Reese, M.C. Pereira, J.L.M. Vasconcelos, M.F. Smith, J.A. Green, T.W. Geary, R.F.G. Peres, G.A. Perry, K.G. Pohler
Effect of preovulatory follicle maturity on pregnancy establishment in cattle: the role of oocyte competence and the maternal environment S.E. Dickinson, T.W. Geary, J.M. Monnig, K.G. Pohler, J.A. Green, M.F. Smith
Maintenance or regression of the corpus luteum during multiple decisive periods of bovine pregnancy M.C. Wiltbank, R. Meidan, J. Ochoa, G.M. Baez, J.O. Giordano, J.C.P. Ferreira, R. Sartori
Follicle development and selection: past, present and future R. Webb, J. Buratini, J.H. Hernandez-Medrano, C.G. Gutierrez, B.K. Campbell
Dynamics and role of MicroRNAs during mammalian follicular development S. Gebremedhn, H.O. Pandey, D. Salilew-Wondim, M. Hoelker, K. Schellander, D. Tesfaye
Factors that interfere with oocyte quality for in vitro production of cattle embryos: effects of different developmental & reproductive stages P.S. Baruselli, E.O.S. Batista, L.M. Vieira, R.M. Ferreira, B.G. Guerreiro, B.M. Bayeux, J.N.S. Sales, A.H. Souza, L.U. Gimenes
Advances and limitations of in vitro embryo production in sheep and goats A. Menchaca, N. Barrera, P.C. dos Santos Neto, F. Cuadro, M. Crispo
In vitro culture systems: how far are we from optimal conditions? C. Wrenzycki
Fertility programs for lactating dairy cows, their physiological basis, and the factors that are critical for their success J.P.N. Martins, J.R. Pursley
Aspects and mechanisms of low fertility in anovulatory dairy cows J.E.P. Santos, M.C. Wiltbank, E.S. Ribeiro, R.S. Bisinotto
Update and overview on assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) in Brazil R. Sartori, A.B. Prata, A.C.S. Figueiredo, B.V. Sanches, G.C.S. Pontes, J.H.M. Viana, J.H. Pontes, J.L.M. Vasconcelos, M.H.C. Pereira, M.A.N. Dode, P.L.J. Monteiro Jr, P.S. Baruselli
The timing of puberty (oocyte quality and management) A.H. Duittoz, Y. Tillet, D. Le Bourhis, L. Schibler
Circles around the farm animal embryo – a Danish perspective H. Callesen
Practical applications of sperm selection techniques for improving reproductive efficiency J.M. Morrell, M. Sabes Alsina, M.C. Abraham, Y. Sjunnesson
Embryo maternal immune interactions in cattle T. Fair

Conference Abstract

Workshop (Abstracts)

Abstracts – 30th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Embryo Technology Society (SBTE)

FTAI, FTET and AI (Abstracts A001 to A087)
OPU-IVP and ET (Abstracts A091 to A124)
Folliculogenesis, Oogenesis and Superovulation (Abstracts A142 to A168)
Physiology of Reproduction in Male and Semen Technology (Abstracts A175 to A190)
Embryology, Developmental Biology and Physiology of Reproduction (Abstracts A206 to A257)
Cloning, Transgenesis and Stem Cells (Abstracts A297 to A308)

Abstracts – 30th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Embryo Technology Society (SBTEz

Abstracts – 32nd Meeting of the Association of Embryo Transfer in Europe (AETE)

FTAI, FTET and AI (Abstracts A088E to A090E)
OPU-IVP and ET (Abstracts A125E to A141E)
Folliculogenesis, Oogenesis and Superovulation (Abstracts A169E to A174E)
Physiology of Reproduction in Male and Semen Technology (Abstracts A191E to A205E)
Embryology, Developmental Biology and Physiology of Reproduction (Abstracts A258E to A296E)
Cloning, Transgenesis and Stem Cells (Abstracts A309E to A318E)


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